Tarifa Kite Surf

Kiters Paradise – Part 1

Kiters know Tarifa well, because it’s regarded as the best beach in Spain for kite surfing. And indeed all ingredients make it for a prefect match: constant winds, sunny weather all year round, mild temperatures and a long beach.



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Tarifa Kite Surf
playa bolonia tarifa


playa bolonia tarifa

Playa Bolonia Tarifa

Playa Bolonia Tarifa

White Sands – Stunning Dunes


Named the ‚Best Beach in Spain‘, playa Bolonia is definitely spectacular and guests at Cortijo La Hoya, Tarifa’s most charming and enticing place to stay shouldn’t miss the opportunity to spend time on this incredible stretch of powdered white sand beach.

Playa Bolonia has some of the tallest sand dunes in Europe, a remnant of the near Moroccan deserts, and is indeed the beach you see in this fantastic promotional video that „Welcome to Tarifa“ published for all to see on YouTube.

If you’re not familiar with this part of Spain and Andalusia yet, the map below will help you out locating Tarifa geographically:

Bolonia Andalucia



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Tarifa Kite Surf
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Top 10 Strände im Südwesten Sardiniens


It’s not an easy task to name the top 10 beaches in south western Sardinia. There are way more than that! We’ll give you a rough guide, so you can pick up a different one every day (and still miss out on the others if you don’t stay more than 10 days…).

They are not given in any particular order of importance, in fact they start from East to West as you can see in the main map below:


Beach #1 – Near Hotel Parco Torre Chia

The first beach you stumble upon while driving westwards shortly after you turn left at the sign for Chia, about 45 kms from Cagliari airport is found on a side street leading to Hotel Parco Torre Chia. The beach is reached through a 5 minute walk from the paid parking lot by the hotel. Take the unpaved road leading towards the sea, make the left and follow the road going slightly uphill.

Skip the first beach, that you can see here, for it’s usually quite crowded and follow the unpaved road for about 300 mts. You’ll reach a breathtaking lookout point where you’ll spot both the beach you just left and your final destination: a small stretch of white sand on a mini half-moon cove.


Beach #2 – Chia Beach

The second beach is known as ‚Chia Beach‘ and is actually part of a stretch of fantastic sand comprising three different beaches: Chia Beach, Sa Colonia Beach and Monte Cogoni Beach. The first of the two wonderful lagoons behind the beach is between Sa Colonia and Monte Cogoni and is home to a huge colony of pink flamingoes who spend part of the year in this area. A paradise for bird watching!

You get to this beach turning left on the main street in Chia where you see a mini-market and following the signs for „Torre di Chia“, a wonderful restored ancient lookout tower where you get a breathtaking view of the entire coastline.


Beach #3 – Su Giudeu Beach


Su Giudeu is the beach right behind the second lagoon that thrives with pink flamingoes and countless other bird species. It’s a stunning beach and in summer you find beach chairs, umbrellas, sunbeds, a beach café and plenty of room in the entire beach not to feel overcrowded even in the peak month of August. Chia Laguna Resort has its own ‚private beach club‘ but you can get a sun bed and an umbrella there too if you want. Just ask at the beach desk 😉

You can view Chia Beach, Sa Colonia, Monte Cogoni, Sa Campana and Su Giudeu both in the photo above and in the satellite image below.


Beach #4 – Cala Cipolla Beach

On a windy day Cala Cipolla is one of the very few beaches whose particular shape and setting makes water calm and protected, so it’s ideal for families with kids and for those looking for a small piece of tranquil sea. The beach is small though, so it can get crowded quickly. You leave your car in a parking lot nearby, then walk across the little hill separating Su Giudeu beach from Cala Cipolla.


Beach #5 – Tuerredda Beach

Considered to be ‚the‚ best beach in Southwestern Sardinia and one of the best on the island, it gets quite crowded in the peak summer months and on weekends, as locals from Cagliari, Sardinia’s main city, flock to this stretch of powdered sand to join holiday makers from all over the world.

Home to one of the rare beach restaurants in the area (open summer only), Tuerredda beach is indeed beautiful, but in our opinion its reputation is a bit overrated, since its beauty rivals that of many other beaches in this top 10 list.

Drive past Chia for about 2/3 kms, pass ‚Perdalonga‘ hill and you’ll see a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean sea first, then you’ll see the typical postcard like view of Tuerredda, below:

The beach entrance is located on the left of the road. Be prepared for a hefty parking fee (paid summer only – free parking the rest of the year).


Beach #6 – Piscinni Beach

Moving west towards Teulada, the next beach is Piscinni Beach, also known as the ‚Cow beach‚ for the amazing number of cows that lay at the sun during the off season! It is quite spectacular both the view of this stretch of sand and the amount of animals sampling the ‚Dolce Vita’…Makes you think how life’s not too hard in Sardinia and milk must be very good indeed!

The beach is another few kms after Tuerredda, past the breathtaking ‚Capo Malfatano‘, a cape with a lookout point on the coastal road, whose view is the following:

Depending on tides this beach can be spotlessly clean and display its crystal clear waters or it can be filled with seaweeds, making it unfortunately often not as gorgeous as it may be. We’ve been lucky enough to get there many times and find it in near perfect conditions, but we acknowledge that you may not be as lucky.


Beach #7 – Sa Campionna Beach

Less than 1 km from the Cow Beach lays another beautiful small stretch of white sand. The beach has apparently no name, so to get you there we’ll mention Sa Campionna Beach, which is the one after and is not as beautiful as all the ones mentioned in this article.

Have a look at the following map to view the beach we mention; on the right is the Cow Beach (the big one), on the left, the beach we mean:

This beach is pretty popular with campers, so it should be easy to spot it, as you’ll see campers parked on the road or directly on the beach.


Beach #8 – Portu Tramatzu Beach (Teulada’s)

Teulada’s most popular beach, this stretch of fabulous sand can get quite crowded in the summer, for it is divided into four parts belonging respectively to a camping, a very nice and enjoyable beach bar, the town of Teulada with its public part of the beach and the Army that own the last part of the beach and have a sort of small holiday camp for the soldiers‘ relatives.

Teulada’s Portu Tramatzu Beach is located right after the port of Teulada. About 100 meters before reaching the Port (where the road ends) you’ll see an unpaved road to the right with a sign pointing to the Camping Portu Tramatzu and the  Military Zone. Take the unpaved road and drive all the way to the end (about 400 meters). You have arrived!

There are also three small beaches just before reaching the port. You’ll see them while driving and can decide whether you want to stop by there as well.


Beach #9 – Cala Zafferano Beach (Military)

Cala Zafferano Beach is probably the most spectacular beach on the entire South West, with its white sand and most of all the incredible color of the water.

Unfortunately, this beach is right inside the military zone, which comprises the entire cape (Capo Teulada), meaning it is accessible only by sea and only in the summer months, with restrictions as well (you can’t usually land on the beach or if you do you can’t stay very long for the military may come and kick you out). You need to rent a speedboat from either the port of Teulada or the beach bar at Portu Tramatzu Beach to get there, but its‘ really worth the trip, as navigating around the Cape is a stunning experience.


Beach #10 – Porto Pino Beach (White Sand Dunes)

The last beach is truly one of a kind. Porto Pino Beach is past the cape, Capo Teulada and is therefore the first beach on the western coast of Sardinia. Still partially within the Military Zone but a lot more accessible year round than Zafferano Beach it has some of the most spectacular white sand dunes in the Mediterranean.

Not by chance it is also known as White Sands Beach or ‚the Dunes‚ and if you Google ‚Porto Pino‘ you’ll see lots of breathtaking photos of these stunning dunes.


You get there by driving along the Military Zone on the main road past the crossroads with Teulada, going west. While driving to Teulada from Chia, you’ll find yourself at a crossroads 2 kms past the old fishing port of Teulada (Porto Budello): follow the signs for Giba and drive all along the main and only road for a few kms, until you reach the village of S.Anna Arresi. There you’ll find signs to Porto Pino and you’ll turn left going towards the sea. Roughly between June and September there is a shortcut half way along the main road, right inside the Military Zone. You’ll recognize it by spotting a big sign at an entrance of the Military area saying ‚White Sands‘. Driving distance from Teulada to Porto Pino is about 15 minutes, half if you take the military shortcut when in season.

We hope this list will help you out planning your days beach hopping. Have you been to any such beach already? If so, what’s is your favorite and why?

Tell us below!


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Top Beach Restaurant in Chia (Südwesten Sardiniens)

    Turredda Beach, Teulada


    Set about 15 minutes by car from Casa Teulada, Tuerredda Beach is probably the most famous beach of south western Sardinia. Due to its proximity to Chia and the hordes of holiday makers flocking there in the summer, Tuerredda beach may get a bit ‚overcrowded‘ during the peak summer months.

    Nevertheless, the beach is always breathtaking and you can easily spot a place all to yourself, given its size.

    South western Sardinia still retains its authentic flair, which makes it so inviting and irresistible to those seeking a unique holiday destination. This means many beaches are still intact and local municipalities hardly grant temporary permissions to open up anything on the coast. That said, a few exceptions are made from mid June to mid September, when a few beaches host cafés, stands and restaurants.

    So you can choose whether you want to go to a ‚rustic‘ or  ‚furnished‘ beach!

    Tuerredda Beach Restaurant

    Open roughly between mid June and mid September, this restaurant is ‚right on the beach‘, meaning you can sit down after a fantastic swim  and sample some delicious dishes. It can get a bit crowded around lunchtime, but it can be an absolute delight for dinner! Take a look at the short video we shot while there in August:

    Menu is essential, with a yummy choice of entrées, seafood pasta dishes and second courses. Seafood is of course sovereign and as such a bit pricey too. What can you ask for with such a location? 😉


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