Playa Bolonia Tarifa

Playa Bolonia Tarifa

White Sands – Stunning Dunes


Named the ‘Best Beach in Spain’, playa Bolonia is definitely spectacular and guests at Cortijo La Hoya, Tarifa’s most charming and enticing place to stay shouldn’t miss the opportunity to spend time on this incredible stretch of powdered white sand beach.

Playa Bolonia has some of the tallest sand dunes in Europe, a remnant of the near Moroccan deserts, and is indeed the beach you see in this fantastic promotional video that “Welcome to Tarifa” published for all to see on YouTube.

If you’re not familiar with this part of Spain and Andalusia yet, the map below will help you out locating Tarifa geographically:

Bolonia Andalucia



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Playa Bolonia | Cortijo La Hoya
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